New Information Dominance Warfare Pin

The New Information Dominance Warfare Pin Was Just released

Information Warfare Insignia

Information Warfare Insignia

I’m not so sure how well I like it. Looks a bit to much like a Marine Corps Pin to me. Leave me your comments.

5 thoughts on “New Information Dominance Warfare Pin”

  1. Back in my day only the sub boys and avaitors had pins. Now it appears that not only does every sailor want one, but they want two or three…

  2. I want to know why we cannot wear all three warfare devices on the NWU Type III uniforms?
    I feel we should be able to ware as many warfare devices we had the opportunity to earn. Some of us including myself will never make chief because of the Navy flawed Evaluation system making us obtain a PIN that really is insignificant towards our advancement. This new pin looks like garbage

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