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Three years ago when all this discussion of “recreating the Navy Uniform” started I thought one of the objectives was to reduce the seabag. Is anyone but me missing something here? Since I work for a NECC command I have three, yes THREE sets of cammie uniforms. Additionally, I’m now required to buy a set of Dress Khakies.

What uniform have I given up, or removed from my seabag, in exchange for these two additional uniforms? Oh yes, my tropical whites. Remember the white shorts with socks pulled all the way up? They have finally gone the way of the dinosaur.

Thanks guys…

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  1. One thing that is troubling is the appearant change in the way Naval instructions are written. Why when I pull up the download is the NAVPERS designator not listed anywhere in the document, except to a rifely ambiguous reference to the 1995 instruction? Additionally, why can I only see the most recent change in the digital age, when a Summary of Changes is supposed to follow a Naval instruction from birth to grave? This might seem like small-time to some, but in the event of a disciplinary proceeding where the instruction has changed recently, it is hard to be rational and unbiased when the only resource a leader has is what is current, and now what may have been in place when a given sailor originally came in the Navy. It isn’t my intent to let uniform regulations or anything tied thereto rest on the laurels of yesteryear, but there is a big difference between a sailor that is mis-informed, and a sailor that doesn’t care.

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