Service Khaki Uniform Wear Testing

The new service Khaki Uniform is now being wear tested!

The navy is now starting wear testing of the new service khaki uniform.

Wear testing is now being conducted in six locations to include Washington DC, Norfolk, Millington TN, Yokosuka Japan, Newport, and Pearl Harbor.

Once the wear test concludes in August, a decision will be made on whether this will be come an official new navy uniform.

Even more important than the “official wear testing” is our sailors reaction to this new uniform. Leave your comments and let me know how you like the throwback khakis.

17 thoughts on “Service Khaki Uniform Wear Testing”

  1. The new service khaki uniform is not appropriate for the Navy at this time. It look like an old uniform and it doesn’t fit on the style of this present period. I would suggest to keep the current uniform that the Officers and Senior Enlisted member wearing right now.

  2. I think this is a very classic uniform (not “old”) AND it is much more classy than the service blue (double breasted airline pilot looking). I hope the Navy moves in this direction.

  3. I think this uniform is great! I can’t wait for them to roll it out. I’ve spent a lot of time with the Marines and have always wished we had an equivalent to their “service alphas.” Choker whites seem wildly inappropriate for funerals and CACO notifications, but dress blues in North Carolina during the summer are unbearable!

  4. The service khaki uniform should reduce the seabag requirements for Chiefs and Officers since the uniform can be worn several ways. It is also Navy distinctive and has a clean, classic look. Someone talked about the need, the uniform is already being worn without the jacket and tie. All is needed to make it as it appears in the above picture is the jacket and tie. That makes it quite functional and reduces the uniform footprint. It also looks great.

  5. Service Dress Khakis is an excellent way to introduce more tradition into our seabags. While hopefully modern updates will be included (cut and material), its a positive step to promote heritage and the naval service of the past.

  6. I eagerly look forward to a service dress khaki uniform as long as I can wear it year round. It cannot arrive in uniform shops soon enough and will become my uniform of choice.

  7. I think it looks great only wish the uniform board was in touch with reality–75%/25% poly wool are you kidding me? I bought the Brooks Brothers SDB 100% tropical weight wool and it is a great piece of goods, well made and significantly more comfortable than the crap that NEX has been selling previously.

  8. The new service khaki uniform looks like BROWN PAPER BAG. It’s overkill, way too much khaki with the jacket. PLEASE DO NOT approve this uniform. I agree with Chris, that this uniform doesn’t fit with the style of the present period.

  9. One more thing LCDR BB has the right idea! Is there a real need for this new uniform? I’ll go ahead and answer that question; NO. It is a waist of time, money and other valuable resources.

  10. Sorely miss the Service Dress Khaki Uniform and hope the Uniform Board will see fit to implement it in the Seabag when the wear test period is over.

  11. Realize that with any new uniform, there will be a financial burden on us. However, in the long run, this uniform is very versatile and functional. It should reduce the need for multiple sets of other hard-to-maintain uniforms, or could actually replace some altogether. And personally, I like this classic Navy uniform and will be proud to wear it.

  12. New ? I wore this uniform in the late 60’s and loved it. Seems like the Navy is just going full circle on uniform choices.

  13. For those of you that don’t know, this uniform is made up of three different types of material, jacket, shirt, trousers. Pick a material; i.e. poly wool, and make the whole damn uniform out of it. It is a good looking uniform, but like most have said, a complete waste of money. For those in a squadron environment who deploy constantly, one more thing to carry around isn’t helpful.

  14. This is a much needed shift from the relatively classless dress uniforms the Navy currently has. When attending multi-service functions, it is a sad sight to see Navy personnel less elegantly dressed than their Marine corps, Army, and Air Force colleagues. The dress blues look like pilot uniforms and THEY ARE DOUBLE-BREASTED!!!

  15. Yeah, like those brassies need to have another completely awesome looking uniform to show off. To all e7’s and above, the uniform is all about ‘hooray for me, to hell with thee’, now isn’t it? The male e1-e6s get the big shaft and have absolutely nothing professional and prideworthy to wear while the e1-e6 females and everyone else that is CPO and above get to wear uniforms that invokes pride and a feeling of belonging to the whole Navy team. Go right ahead all of you e7s and above, keep giving male e1-e6s the shaft, after all, we are used to it. I’ll bet the self-serving navy brass will keep the male e1-e6 slaves looking like $#!t well into the 22nd century and beyond, that’s what they are use to doing. You might want to start taking some ideas from your counterparts in the other services that use the same uniform from e1-o10. They can teach you all that you need to know about ‘real’ teamwork. It starts with the uniform. That is what I learned when I finally got smart and went from the US Navy to the US Army.

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