New Navy Type II and Type III Navy Working Uniform

WASHINGTON (NNS) — Two new Navy Working Uniforms (NWU) will hit the fleet in fiscal year 2011.

The first, NWU Type II, a desert digital camouflage uniform of four colors with the anchor, Constitution and eagle (ACE) logo embedded in the print, will be worn by special warfare operators and Sailors who support them during deployment and deployment training exercises.

“The desert camouflage uniform is not going away,” said Capt. Vince Drouillard, branch head within Navy’s personnel, plans and policy division. “Sailors, other than Navy special warfare operators and supporting Sailors, will continue to wear the current tricolor desert camouflage utility uniform in desert environments when issued by authorizing commands.”

The second, NWU Type III, is a woodland digital camouflage uniform which also has four colors and the ACE logo embedded in the print. It will be the standard camouflage uniform worn in non-desert environments and stateside.

Both uniforms, announced in NAVADMIN 374/09, are organizational clothing provided to Sailors by commands authorized to issue them.

The unisex uniforms will begin conformance testing to validate design, fit and wear later in fiscal year 2010. Fleet implementation is expected to begin in late 2011 with deploying combat and direct command support commands and units receiving priority in the distribution process.

Both new uniforms have an authorized matching pattern Gortex parka with a removable fleece liner. Sailors can get complete information on the new NWU Type II and Type III uniforms in NAVADMIN 374/09 available at

11 thoughts on “New Navy Type II and Type III Navy Working Uniform”

  1. Problem: The star above the anchor on the Senior Chief woodland and desert cammies is not visible and blends in with the anchor. It’s embarassing to personnel addressing a Senior Chief when they can’t see the star above the anchor and mistakenly calls them “Chief”.

    Solution: Like with some officers brown-colored insignias, create an anchor that is black in color, but with the star representing the rank of Senior Chief and the letters “USN” on the anchor brown in color. It would be easier to see and more comfortable for all involved.

    V/r BMCS (FMF) Mason – (434)531-2728

  2. NWU III finally! This is great looking uniform and one can only hope that with as much time as it has taken to get it out it will wear as good as it looks and be a truly functional uniform and something fitting for a fighting force to wear. Not a big fan of NWU I although every civilian I have encountered seems to really like it.

    I agree with Senior Boats Mason–make the insignia identifiable.

    LTJG R. Alley

  3. Wait so I am confused. Is the woodland digital being issued to all sailors or just special forces? Is the desert digital being only issued to special forces or all sailors.. Please email me awnser at

  4. I am a litle confused also… are these new uniforms replacing our blue NWUs or are the only for special forces and their support?

  5. The NWU Type III are for SPECIAL FORCES and NECC sailors. NECC has many groups in it from security forces to seabees. The only fleet rates who will wear this uniform are those attached to these units.

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