3 thoughts on “Type II and III Navy Working Uniform Pictures”

  1. Exactly how long did it take for the Navy to think up this awesome pattern? lol. Hey Marines can we borrow your uniform? uhh NO. TOOOO BAD!

  2. What is the color pattern (Filled in) for CWO4 for the new Type III uniform. I have two sets and they are both different colors (Filled in). Right now I can not tell the difference in CWO4 and CWO2. Please let me know. Thank you.

  3. Now let’s put some wear rules in place that make sense. We have to stop coming up with uniforms that our sailors can’t wear anyplace but a ship/flightline or a working party. The Marines and Army can wear their ABU/CUU everywhere from the firing range to the PX/NEX and out in town, and can travel in them. Let’s have a USN BDU equivalent that we can wear anyplace, as long as it is clean. Judging by the number of sailors I’ve seen at airports in their “Blueberry” NWUs, that rule against traveling in these uniforms is largely ignored, thank goodness. The reaction by the public I’ve observed is VERY favorable at seeing these fine servicemen and women dressed in warrior attire. We’ve got to get past not wearing “working” uniforms in public. 18 and 19 yr old sailors can’t afford to carry so many uniforms in their inventory and worry about going from the ship to the pier to the base to traveling off base to casual stops, after hours venues, shopping, commuting, air travel etc. It’s overkill and it has to stop. These type IIIs are an awesome uniform, and a good BDU equivalent. We should be able to wear them anywhere during the course of our normal business, unless a dress or other uniform is specifically required. Let’s stop the uniform proliferation, and have fewer uniforms with expanded wear rules. This utility/cammo uniform issue has already gotten GAO interest, let’s not add fuel to that fire by further narrowing the places/situations/duty status that these Type IIIs can be worn.

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