4 thoughts on “CO’s Suggestion Box”

  1. NWU: Brown boots, allow slight alterations to length of sleeve so it doesn’t cover hands when unrolled, exterior pen pocket.

  2. I would like to make 02 recommendations to the new uniforms.

    1. Change from the blue tee shirt to the gold pt tee shirt for wear with NWU.
    a. The gold tee shirt is a better quality shirt and the neck does not stretch out as much.
    b. Better represents the Navy colors (Blue and Gold)
    c. In case of man overboard, easer to see.

    2. Allow long sleeve version of working uniform to be worn with black or tan tie.
    a. More professional looking
    b. Does not save room in sea bag, since you need to have the sweater in colder climates.
    c. The optional sweater does not wear as long and cost more to the sailor to replace. Even though the sweater is optional wear, in cooler climates and work spaces it is also mandatory to have.

  3. Having to work in a climate like Colorado, it would be very nice to be able to layer my uniform items according to the weather. Having said that, I (along with the many other Sailors here at NORAD/NORTHCOM) am unable to wear our fleece liners as an outer jacket. Each of the other services allow for this option as they have included velcro placements for the mandatory identification items (rank, name, service) on their fleece jackets. I would recommend the Navy follow suit as we are only currently allowed to wear the fleece liner inside the Gore-tex jacket (which can be unbearably hot) or just the Gore-tex jacket (which provides protection from the wind and rain but not the cold). Anyone with any experience in the elements understands the importance of being able to layer your clothing, which includes options to take off a layer to adjust to changing weather.

  4. I think there needs to be a seperate PT shirt for CFL’s during group PT. It is important to designate the leaders in a command PT.

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