Navy Announces New Uniform Components and Rules

From Chief of Naval Personnel Public Affairs

WASHINGTON (NNS) — The chief of naval operations approved Navy Uniform Board recommendations Jan. 25.

The recommendations include a new cutlass for chiefs, an overblouse for female officers and chiefs, updated rules for portable communication devices and clarification on the manner of wear for flight suits.

“Whether addressing new proposals or updating old regulations to the current operating environment, the Uniform Board has taken input from the fleet and provided the best recommendations and proposed solutions for CNO’s approval,” said Capt. William Park, head, Officer Personnel Plans and Policy, who also oversees the Uniform Matters Office. “The result is a set of adaptive uniform regulations that maintains the professional appearance of our Sailors.”

Designed to be worn by members of an official party during ceremonies requiring officers to wear swords, the chief petty officer (CPO) cutlass may be the most visible of the announced uniform changes. With a twenty-six inch stainless steel blade and four laser engraved CPO anchors (CPO, SCPO, MCPO and MCPON) on the base, the new cutlass is expected to be available for purchase in August. As an optional uniform item, the Uniform Board sought to ensure uniformity in appearance by directing the cutlass to be worn only when all members of an official party are wearing swords.

The next change was the approval of an overblouse option for female officers and chiefs when wearing the poly/wool service khaki uniform. Since the roll-out of the service uniform for junior enlisted, the Office of Women’s Policy had received regular feedback from the fleet, requesting a similar overblouse option for female officers and CPOs to wear with their service khaki uniform. When this change takes effect in sixty days, female officers and CPOs will be able to wear the overblouse with slacks or skirts.

Portable electronic devices were another topic of concern for Sailors, which prompted the Uniform Board to make several noteworthy changes. Effective 60 days from the announcement, Sailors will be authorized to use these devices while in their service or working uniform, to include when walking. Although authorized, the device must be conservative in color and design, cannot distract from the appearance of the uniform, must be worn on the belt aft of the elbow and cannot interfere with the rendering of military courtesies and honors.

The final set of changes announced in the update were regarding the manner of wear for the aircrew flight suit. While in the continental United States, the green flight suit will be worn with a black undershirt, while overseas, aircrew may wear tan flight suits with brown undershirts as determined by the Navy component commander.

To support the Centennial of Naval Aviation, CNO is allowing flight suits to be worn at designated events in calendar year 2011. A list of these approved Centennial of Naval Aviation events will be released quarterly by Commander, Naval Air Forces.

To learn more about these uniform changes, read NAVADMIN 025/11, at

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6 thoughts on “Navy Announces New Uniform Components and Rules”

  1. Sir,

    What is the official Navy policy regarding nametag and ribbon placement on the Female Service Uniform Overblouse? I cannot find a reference, and the uniform Regulations refer only to “1/4 inch above the pocket.”


    Chief Jeff Van Ausdall, USN (Ret.)
    Naval Science Instructor
    NJROTC Unit
    David G. Farragut High School
    Rota, Spain

  2. Chief,
    The uniform board’s instruction states that the ribbons an nametag will be worn in the same way as on the junior enlisted overblouse, 6 and 1/4 inches from the intersection of the front seam and the shoulder seam and centered on front seam.

    S. E. Ford
    Uniformed Services University

  3. Sir,

    The NEX sells the ID holders that are camouflaged like the NWU’s. Is this authorized to wear on the out side of your NWU uniform?

    HT1(SW) Barnby

  4. For palcement of ribbons and nametags on the overblouse, is the 6 and 1/4 inches from the intersection of the front seam and the shoulder seam measured to the top or bottom of bottom row of ribbons/nametag? It isn’t clarified in the NAVADMIN.

    Thank you,
    LCDR Dawn Frank
    SEA 21/PMS 470

  5. For placement of the ribbons and nametags, it is 6-1/4″ to the BOTTOM edge of the ribbon rack/nametag. Important absence of attention to detail in the reg, isn’t it? Like placement of the beret: ” 3/4″ from forehead hairline”. Well, is that fore or aft of the hairline? (I got corrected on that by the uniform shop ladies back at OIS – it’s aft/above the hairline).

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