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NAVADMIN 164/12.

RMKS/1. This NAVADMIN announces changes to ref (a). Ref (b) previously
announced an update on the availability of Navy Security Badges.

2. Approved uniform policy changes are as follows:
a. Navy Working Uniform (NWU) Type II and III Chaplain Corps Staff
Insignia. Navy Chaplains serving in units authorized to wear the NWU Type II
or III may wear the Chaplain Corps Staff Insignia on the NWU Type II and III.
(1) Description. A 1 1/2-inch by 1 1/2-inch matching NWU Type II or
III fabric patch with embroidered Chaplain Corps insignia centered on the
fabric. The Chaplain Corps insignia shall be embroidered with black thread
and positioned upright on the fabric patch.

(2) Manner of wear. The embroidered Chaplain Corps Staff Insignia
shall be sewn above the blouse rank tab. Placement of the Chaplain Staff
Insignia above the rank tab facilitates a single focal point for rank
identification and chaplain faith affiliation.
(3) Availability. The NWU Type II and III Chaplain Corps Staff
Insignia will be available online at or via phone at
the Uniform Support Center at (1-800-368-4088) in April 2014.
b. Navy Expeditionary Supply Corps Officer (NESCO) Insignia. The NESCO
insignia is approved for wear by Supply Corps Officers designated with a
310X, 651X, or 751X designator. The NESCO insignia is designated for those
assigned to Navy Expeditionary Combat Command or Naval Special Warfare units
who have successfully completed the qualification requirements outlined in
OPNAVINST 1412.15.
(1) Description. A 2 3/4-inch by 7/8-inch gold metal pin showing a
Supply Corps oak leaf centered, superimposed on a crossed sword and M16A1
rifle, on a background of ocean swells. A 1 1/2-inch by 1/2-inch metal
insignia is available for uniforms requiring miniature medals.
(2) Manner of wear is per ref (a), article 5201.2.
(3) Availability. The NESCO insignia will be available online at or via phone at the Uniform Support Center at (1-800-
368-4088) in June 2014.

3. The following commands, in addition to those commands listed in ref (b),
paragraph 5 are now approved for deployment and pre-deployment training wear
of the NWU Type III:
Joint Staff J7 Coalition Warfighting Division
United States Central Command Headquarters
Military Sealift Command, Central Command
Naval Strike Air Warfare Center
Helicopter Sea Combat Wing, U.S. Pacific Fleet
Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron TWO ONE Detachment Five
Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron TWO FIVE Detachment Five
Office of Military Commissions
Fleet Logistics Support Wing, and all subordinate squadrons
Navy Element, Defense Intelligence Agency
Department of Defense Inspector General
Joint Task Force – Horn of Africa
United States Southern Command
Navy Information Operations Command, Bahrain
In CONUS daily wear of the NWU type III is not authorized for those commands
designated for deployment and pre-deployment deployment wear only.

4. Navy Security Forces (NSF) Identification Badge Update. To ensure proper
control and authenticity of NSF metal badges, the fourth scroll (line 4) of
the badge will be engraved with a four digit number by Defense Logistics
Agency Troop Support (DLA-TS) vice the black embossed star, previously
announced in ref (b). Metal badges are authorized to be worn on all
uniforms. Embroidered badges are authorized to be worn on the Navy Working
Uniform (NWU Type I, II, and III) only.
a. Deadline for the mandatory wear of the new NSF badges/patches is 1
October 2014. Per ref (b), MAA/Law Enforcement Badges/patches are authorized
for wear until 30 September 2014.
b. Availability. Procurement of NSF identification badges as stated in
ref (b) is revised as follows: NSF identification badges are managed by DLA-
TS; embroidered security badges are available for procurement now. Metal
security badges are also available now for procurement. Badges may be
procured via DLA E-Mall (embroidered badges $5.25 U/I-ea and metal badges
$10.49 U/I-ea).
(1) Navy Security Forces Badge NSNs are: 8455-01-617-6192
(metal); 8455-01-617-6354 (embroidery).
(2) Command Master at Arms Badge NSNs are: 8455-01-617-6194
(metal); 8455-01-617-6358 (embroidery).
(3) Correction Specialist Badge NSNs are: 8455-01-617-6200
(metal); 8455-010-617-6360 (embroidery).
c. Requisition inquiries can be directed to Ms. Suzanne Marinari, Navy
Liaison Office Philadelphia at (215) 737-7954 or suzanne.marinari(at)

5. Uniform policy changes are a direct result of fleet feedback and staffed
research. Sailors may submit uniform policy change recommendations via their
chain of command to OPNAV (N1). Recommendations should reflect Navy-wide
application with an eye towards standardization and uniform policy reduction.
Formal endorsements of uniform change proposals are required by each echelon.
Uniform change proposals that have fleet-wide impact will be coordinated with
Commander, U.S. Fleet Forces Command and Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet for
endorsement. The final endorsement should include the proposal’s subject
matter expert contact information. Uniform proposals which are not favorably
endorsed by the chain of command will not be accepted. Proposals favorably
endorsed shall be submitted to the Navy Uniform Matters Office (UMO), OPNAV
(N131U), 701 S. Courthouse Rd, Arlington, VA 22204-2164.

6. Illustrations of the newly approved uniform components and insignia will
be available for review on the UMO website at
seven (7) days after release of this message.

7. General questions and comments regarding this NAVADMIN should be
addressed to the UMO, OPNAV N131U:
Mr. Robert B. Carroll, OPNAV N131U, robert.b.carroll(at)
CMDCM(SW/AW) Rita Carman, rita.carman(at)
PS1(SW) Andrew S. Lucio, andrew.lucio(at)

8. This NAVADMIN will remain in effect until superseded or incorporated into
a revision of ref (a).

9. Released by Vice Admiral W. F. Moran, N1.//


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