Desert Tan Boots are not Authorized

BLUF: As per NAVADMIN 015/17 and at the discretion of the commanding officer sailors may now wear the desert tan boots or coyote brown boots with their type III uniform.

6.  Safety Boots.  As directed by reference (c), black leather safety boots (steel toed) are the standard boots worn with the Navy Working Uniform (NWU) Type III uniform for CONUS and U.S. territories.  Authorized black safety boots include the 9-inch black smooth leather NWU boot, the 9-inch black rough-side-out leather NWU boot and the 8-inch flight deck safety boot.  Black leather safety boots (steel toed) are sea-bag-required items and are required afloat and ashore in environments mandating safety shoe wear. Authorized exceptions for wearing black safety boots with the NWU Type III are as follows:
a.  Brown safety boots when issued as organizational clothing for wear in environments such as flight duty, construction battalion duties or similar requirements.
b.  Navy certified desert tan or coyote brown rough-side-out leather non-safety boots in environments not requiring safety boot wear may be worn optionally at the discretion of the commanding officer.  Optional boots not required as organizational clothing will be procured at the expense of the Sailor and not the authorizing command.