Type III Uniform Now Authorized for Wear

Type III Navy Working Uniform
Closeup of the New Type III Navy Working Uniform

041928Z AUG 16





RMKS/1. This NAVADMIN announces the Chief of Naval Operations approval of
several major uniform policy changes encompassing the Navy Working Uniform
Type I and III (NWU Type I and III), Navy outerwear (All Weather Coat,
Peacoat, Reefer, and the black Cold Weather Parka (CWP)) revised manner of
wear of the NWU Type II and III, new Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewman
(SWCC) insignias, delayed introduction of the new male E1 E6 Service Dress
Blue (SDB) uniform, logo change for the Navy Sweat Shirt and Pants, Service
Khaki uniform option for female officers and chief petty officers (CPOs) and
update on the Improved Flame Resistant Variant (IFRV) Coverall initiative. Continue reading “Type III Uniform Now Authorized for Wear”

New Navy Type II and Type III Navy Working Uniform

WASHINGTON (NNS) — Two new Navy Working Uniforms (NWU) will hit the fleet in fiscal year 2011.

The first, NWU Type II, a desert digital camouflage uniform of four colors with the anchor, Constitution and eagle (ACE) logo embedded in the print, will be worn by special warfare operators and Sailors who support them during deployment and deployment training exercises.

“The desert camouflage uniform is not going away,” said Capt. Vince Drouillard, branch head within Navy’s personnel, plans and policy division. “Sailors, other than Navy special warfare operators and supporting Sailors, will continue to wear the current tricolor desert camouflage utility uniform in desert environments when issued by authorizing commands.”

The second, NWU Type III, is a woodland digital camouflage uniform which also has four colors and the ACE logo embedded in the print. It will be the standard camouflage uniform worn in non-desert environments and stateside.

Both uniforms, announced in NAVADMIN 374/09, are organizational clothing provided to Sailors by commands authorized to issue them.

The unisex uniforms will begin conformance testing to validate design, fit and wear later in fiscal year 2010. Fleet implementation is expected to begin in late 2011 with deploying combat and direct command support commands and units receiving priority in the distribution process.

Both new uniforms have an authorized matching pattern Gortex parka with a removable fleece liner. Sailors can get complete information on the new NWU Type II and Type III uniforms in NAVADMIN 374/09 available at www.npc.navy.mil.